Monday, April 20, 2009

Trying to find a way...

to go visit our beach cottage....hmmmm, let me see????

Our renters have returned to Canada, and I am itching to go back to the beach! I feel like a need a vacation! After being on the road for over 3 weeks in Round Top Texas for the Spring Antiques Week Shows for my shop, The Red Door Antiques, it's time for a break.....don't you think! Since I have been home, it has taken me one week to put my shop back together....and now I need to start working on the paperwork from being gone...ugh! Help! I've fallen and I can't get out of this mound of paperwork.... :)

My mind is always on creative (but inexpensive) ways to update the cottage! Our original plan was to head back down to the cottage after my next show in Brimfield, Mass....paint the exterior and possibly start by tearing out the kitchen, but this time, I can't get it done....dang it!

I even thought of taking a van load of gal pals for a long weekend......but I just see time passing before my much work, so little time!

I guess I will just keep dreaming for now!