Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1980's Grandma gone bad...

OK....this is my first post to my new blog about our soon to be (well like I said before Rome wasn't built in a day) chic shore shack....that is currently not so chic or shore for that matter. Recently we purchased, with some friends of ours a double wide mobile home about 10 miles from the beach...I know what you are thinking "A MOBILE HOME"...but hey we didn't have an unlimited budget, and you do what you have to do if you want to be near the beach!

We will not be living in this home full time, we will use it a few months a year during the winter and weeks during the summer with our family & friends. We will also be renting the cottage so if you would like to take a trip to the beach...just shoot me an email.

So having said that, we will not have unlimited time to work on our projects because we have to save time for the beach! Jerry keeps reminding me that this is a marathon not a sprint....so I am holding myself back. (Boy it's hard!)

The mobile home is going to be called "The Get-A-Way Beach Cottage"....and currently the cottage is well how can I say this......1980's Grandma that loved strawberries fabulous! OMG...it's everything that you can possibly be thinking and more! But let me say that it has sooooo much potential and is clean and comfortable now, and usable until it becomes our "Chic Shore Shack", and that means alot!

I don't want to have a kitchy beach theme....I think the 1980's grandma theme is enough to last me a long time as far as themes go. I would like to go for a clean, uncluttered, cottage style with a twist of farmhouse at the beach....can you feel it?

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