Saturday, January 24, 2009


Primarily the cottage will be done in a White palette, but what is the correct white color to use without it looking like primer? Can you use multiple shades of white? Should the ceiling be bright white? So many questions....about White.

Normally I am a color person all the way. But I am always drawn to white rooms, white displays, so I asked myself....could I live this way? I really don't know, but since the shack will not be my permanent dwelling space, I say what the heck, I'll give it a try. With one small caveat....we will also be renting the cottage, so we will have to be mindful of what renters may due to WHITE.....eeek! So that being said it has to be user friendly in every way!

I am so torn between using a monochromatic color scheme of whites or using the coastal colors accents and white basics......orrrrrr maybe nautical colors like navy blue, red & white???? Oh the possibilities are endless....and so are the choices. I think I need another beach drink...


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