Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Storm...

Ohhhh....does the Chic Shore Shack seem oh so appealing now!

You know the weather is bad when... Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel is on location near your town.

On Monday evening, this terrible storm that you have been hearing about on the news hit our area with awesome force. We have lost all electric, land phone lines, cell phone lines. The news says it is above freezing here, but it is not. The current temperatures are 25 and doesn't look like it will go above freezing until Sunday. Our tiny town of Eddyville is completely out of electric, which means our shop is closed. The estimated time of our services being reconnected......2 WEEKS!

We have been staying in our neighbors basement, as they have a gas log fireplace so we are not freezing to death. Thanks John & Paula! Today, the guys in our neighborhood chain-sawed our way out and we drove about 100 miles to find a motel and get some hot showers, buy more supplies & get in touch with family & friends to let them know that we are still alive.
Kentucky Utilities has at this time 176,000 homes/business currently out of power and the number is still rising. They are getting assistance from other utility companies around the U.S. and some of them are saying that the damage they face here are worse than the conditions after Hurricane Ike.

The cracks & pops of the trees in our woods around the lake sounds like gun shots being fired as the trees filled with ice fall to the ground. It's hard to imagine being in the middle of one of these "situations" that you hear about on the news, until you are actually in one. It's easy to take for granted things like heat, water & the basics until you are without them. We are making the best of our situation, but it makes me think of the elderly people and the's also scary not to be able to make contact with people via phone. I have been unable to speak with any of my employees at my antique shop, as they are all in the same boat as we are. I am hoping that they are all doing well. At our neighbors, we are at least warm, eating well (anything that can be made on a BBQ Grill & Drinking (some adult beverages)....and being thankful for what we do have.

A hot shower felt fantastic........we will be heading back to our homes tomorrow A.M. so we will go back to no communications at all. If you don't hear from me, we are doing as as good as can be expected. Today, we are working on trying to find a generator....and enjoying HOT water! Cheers for now!

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