Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just Another Renovation Day...

As we came back from NYC our "To-Do List" was getting pretty small, and we thought we were on the down hill slide of this reno. I had already gotten my mind right that I was going to forgo my extreme dislike for our bedroom and 1/2 attached bath...and I was going to make it my mission to just live with it until we came back next Winter. We arrived back from NYC late Sunday afternoon, had a nice dinner and went to bed early.

As I woke up on Monday morning, I was looking forward to a quite morning...however I was awoken by the sound of Jerry ripping down wallpaper off the walls in the bedroom. I said "what are you doing", he replied "if I would have told you what I was going to do you wouldn't have slept at all last night...", and he would have been right. I was thrilled....even though it wasn't going to be the full fledged re-do that I was going to was going to be a nice face lift and I was excited! I mean who wouldn't be....this was the U-G-L-Y room in the house...I mean REALLY U-G-L-Y.

While we were pulling off the wallpaper smiling...Jerry opened the access panel that hid the plumbing to the nearby bathroom. That was a mistake...but I guess one that would have been uncovered when they opened the panel they found a plumbing problem under the house...and the bedroom face lift came to a hault and the bathroom that we hadn't planned on fixing until next year...well it came to the forefront.

They started by trying to go under the house but with no success, they came into the bathroom and by the end of the night there was a big hole in the floor and the only thing left in the bathroom was a bathtub! So the renovation budget took a small hit! When doing remodels, these unforeseen problems pop up, and you just never know what you are going to run into. We were happy to have found the issue before it had become much worse.

We will keep you posted on the progress, it is coming back together and Jerry was able to fix the plumbing problem with not to much hassle...YEAH!

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