Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Renovation Day 16...

Sadie & I headed out to Petsmart to get her some dog food...and headed to Lowes to return some items and get some brackets for a shelf project that we started a few days back...I know we bought the brackets....but we can't find them here in the house....can you believe it!

The Fedex man brought our glass tile....and we were so thrilled!

We put together our make-shift wine rack , one that we made from a Closet Shoe Rack...and it turned out great! A budget decision of only $29.00 and it holds a whopping 15 bottles! WHEW HOO!

I cleaned the yard a little, cause we were starting to look like the hillbilly's again, and we were off! The bracket shopping trip was un-successful and we were back.

Trim was getting finished up and we were on a roll until our bellies started growling!

We headed out for a lunch on the beach and to meet some of our friends and after 3 vodka & tonics later I could have cared less if we did another construction project! :-)
Cheers for now!

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