Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Big Cover Up...

Now that the DEMO is's time for some covering back up all the mess and making it pretty again.

Oh hurry and get that yucky wallpaper covered back up!

Whew!  The blending of the wall boards....just a little paint & caulk...
and you won't be able to tell it was even repaired!

Don't ya love the TV in the shower :-)

The new wall going up...sacrificing a little space out of the bedroom....but WELL WORTH IT!

New wooden look wall going up!
This stuff is my NEW FAVORITE PRODUCT!

Prepping for the the vanity light.

Ended the day with a new door!  Stay tuned more to come! 

Sadie Girl...decked out in her LAYERS...Pink T-Shirt & Pink Fleece...
take'n a break watching all the action!

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