Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sometimes Times DOES NOT FLY...

It's been a WHILE...yes I know.  I wasn't gonna do any remodel this trip...but ya know sometimes things just happen. 

Some of you might remember this photo from 2009...

I know what you are thinking...OMG how awful!!! And you would be correct!  This is a photo of the bedroom that had a small 1/2 bath.  Just on the other side of the TV...was a teeeeny tiny door that leads to a 1/2 bath.  We did some work to get RID of that HORRID wallpaper last Winter and so here is what it ended up like at the end of 2009...

BYE-BYE wall paper!  Looking much better don't you agree?  Welllllll now back to that 1/2 bath...it's was A TEEEEEENY TINY space.  Like enter thru the door sideways kinda small! 

See what I mean about the tiny door...and entering sideways!  I didn't even get the 1st picture snapped before someone had already ripped the door down.

See how tiny!  See how teeny! 

Then a few moments more...the wall was down too!

Then boooom...the toilet and old vanity GONE!

What is this photo you ask?????  I call this *DECADES* of BAD decorating choices! 

After several trips to Lowe's & Home Depot, hours of plumbing and electrical work, a few more trips to Lowe's....did I mention trips to Lowe's?  ....well you get the picture, it is starting to come back together! 

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