Monday, November 30, 2009

Renovation Day 15...

Today we started our day at the donut shop...hey we hadn't been there in almost a week. We took a short trip to Lowes for some supplies...our trips to the hardware store have been slowing down. Then back to the shack....and everyone started to work on a project. Ellen & I painted baseboard trim. The guys finished up on the final trimming of the last few pieces of hardwood and by noon we were ready to have a little we headed out to the movies! We saw the movie "Old Dogs"...and it was really good. It gave everyone a 2 hour break, a ton of laughs and re-energized us all!

After the movies, we came back to the shack and everyone started their own little projects again. I trimmed some more paint, put the new ceiling fan blades together....Ellen shortened the 2" plantation blind over the kitchen sink...Jerry worked on hanging the ceiling fan and getting electric to our Chandelier....and Dudley hung a blind on the back door to give us a little privacy coming out of the bathroom.

Ellen & I have been working on getting a few accessories out and deciding where they are going to end up...things are really shaping up and all is well.

It was awesome to wake up this morning and actually walk to the kitchen with my bare tootsies!

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