Sunday, April 25, 2010

Longing For The...

B E A C H!

These flash cards came from my dear friend Janet of Rubbish/Sweet Talk, check her out for some flash cards of your own!

I could really use a few days at the shack...and it would be a great place to hop on down to! However, we are getting ready for our next show in Brimfield, so there is no time for the beach!

My Mom & Dad stopped by and spent a few days with us on their way back from their 2nd home...FL and it made me want to go to our little ol' shack....

I started looking through my photos from this past winter and I found a few to tease you with!

The chunky shelf was Pottery Barn...see what I did with the flash cards...randomly placed in a see thru frame from Target only $12.00! The photo on the left side of the shelf was one I took out on the island! More teasers to come.....until next time!

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