Saturday, November 14, 2009

Renovation Day 1...

On Saturday, we jumped right in and started the DEMO...that is Jerry's favorite part! We got a ton accomplished!
Here is a photo of the Tiny Kitchen Before.
Lovely Avocado Green Cabinets & Strawberry Wallpaper!
Here is the shot of the adjoining Dining Room full of wallpaper & PINK!

After the days is a list of all the things that we could mark off the list:
  • Carpet removed
  • Tack strips removed
  • Kitchen cabinets removed
  • Sink removed
  • Wall that separated kitchen from dining room
  • Wall & baseboard trim removed
  • More ol' Grandma items taken to the local Charity

A shot looking from the Kitchen into the dining room.

Disconnecting the that starburst Avocado counter top! :-)

Getting those built in place laminated cabinets down.

That ugly wall that separated the dining & tiny kitchen coming down!

WOW...look at all the light this lets in!

Making the opening larger in the wall to the cabana room brings that light all the way thru!

And now we have a blank canvas! We really all worked really well together and accomplished a ton I think~!

This was after we carried back in all the furniture off the lawn for the night looking straight through our now wide open kitchen & dining area!

Stay Tuned!

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