Monday, November 23, 2009

Renovation Day 7...

Day 7 began a little slower. I think everyone is starting the drag a little. We are all longing for the beach....but we know there is a deadline to meet so that we can all go and have some we are going to keep plugging along.

Today was garbage pick up so the workers so kindly took yet another pile of debris and boxes from the cabinets and hauled it away. The neighbors are not quite sure what kind of people they have residing next door....but when it all comes to a close I know they will be glad, as much as we will!

When I I did my last show up in Brimfield I purchased a great vintage chandelier this past September and we decided to use it in the shack over the dining table. Ellen and I took it outback and spent about an hour trying to clean it up a is a sneak peek at what it is going to look like.They guys ran some more of the plumbing & electric to the dishwasher and now they are installing a pony wall on the back side of the bank of cabinets to serve as our bar/peninsula/counter top eating area. Since the Chic Shore Shack is tiny, it will be nice to set a few stools there and have a few extra places for people to eat or drink!
Here is Sadie trying to help install the dishwasher.

Today we tried to tidy the place up but it is really futile and a total waste of time...but we did manage to find a few more ol' grandma items that we could give away to the neighborhood's volunteer fire department garage sale so little by little all of the old touches are going BYE BYE!

I unpacked a few more boxes and put a few more things away in the bedrooms...but it's still a wreck around here~n a nice kind of way I guess! Then worked my way into the cabana room...and since I had some extra paint left over I decided to start painting again....what am I a glutton for punishment??? Well to tell you the truth, I am somewhat at a stand still waiting for the guys sometimes and what the heck...I might as well paint something!
Day 7 seemed to just go on & on & on & on....and before the night ended the guys had the counter tops glued and installed and the plywood place on the peninsula for us to get the tile on.

Some more of our friends arrived and they checked into their beach bungalow on the island (Anna Maria Island, FL) and I was wishing I was there for just a cares, no house repairs, just carefree beach rental life....but then I remembered...WAIT next year we will have fewer projects to do and more time for the beach and we will be in our OWN shack...and then I just kept on painting with a smile on my face!

My Mom & Dad just live about 1 1/2 hrs from here but I have not seen them yet....I have talked to them several times since we have arrived, but we are working swiftly to try to get our kitchen completed so that they can arrive next week and spend some time with us around Thanksgiving.

As I am typing this the guys are cutting the hole in the counter top for the kitchen sink. We have power to the dishwasher. I have 1/2 of the cabana room painted and re-arranged and we are rolling like mad people.

Stay Tuned!

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