Sunday, November 22, 2009

Renovation Day 6...

We see the trim work coming to an end. YEAH!

Can you say CAULK & SPACKLING??? We should have probably bought stock in those companies! Oh...and probably the paint companies too!

I just can not express enough how much I truly love the look and feel really good about the choices of the products that I have chosen.

Today we took a trip out to finish our tile search for some accent glass tile to finish the top of the peninsula in the kitchen. Unfortunately, all the in stock colors in Lowes or Home Depot were just not right! We went to a local tile shop and ordered a mix mosaic glass and stone sheet that have all the right sea tones that we were hoping for. Sadly, they did not stock this item so we had to order. We splurged a little on this accent tile as the 12x12 sheets were $18.99 per sheet, but we got a bargain on the field tile so I think it will all work out! The order will not be here until next week Tuesday or our plans for being completed for Thanksgiving may be fading!

The guys are finishing the hallway trim and the back hall door trim as I am typing and I am watching the sunlight stream in the cabana room where Sadie & I looked at fabric & paint samples.

We are hoping that we can soon start unloading the kitchen cabinets out of the Sprinter and have them set into place before sundown. But much to my surprise before 2 PM the cabinets were being unloaded before our eyes.

The next step for the day was to begin working on plumbing of the new dishwasher (which the shack never had before) and the plumbing for the kitchen sink. Then back to the hard install of the cabinetry. At this point we still have a lot of day left, but one thing is for work can be slow.

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