Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Renovation Day 2...

Day two started with with breakfast out (since our kitchen is just a shell) and a lengthy trip to Lowe's for supplies.

We purchased supplies and did some research for the finishes for the kitchen.

What we decided on was something called T-111 to cover the walls in our kitchen and dining room. It is a heavy gauge plywood product in 4x8 sheets, usually for exterior siding applications. We chose this for a few reasons, one for the budget (Approx. $27.00 per sheet) and the other for the aesthetics. We put one coat of bright white paint on the rough surface. We thought it would really soak up the paint but after one coat we liked the way it looked with a little of the wood grain showing through and it had a great white washed coastal look to it. We hung it on the horizontally in the kitchen, instead of it's normal vertical and it really looked fantastic!

Since our trip to Lowes took much longer than we anticipated, we only got two sheets hung today.

On our second trip back to Lowes for some backup supplies we picked up the accent color for the hallway & our focal wall in the dining room. It is a Valspar color called Coffee & Cream. It is a driftwood/putty color and it really looks awesome!


In our ol' grandma house...this grandma used a ton of wallpaper which we ALL disliked very much. We had neither the patience or the will to strip all of this we picked and choose the walls that we could just paint over and the hallway was one of them. This grandma was obsessed with wallpaper and she even cut out parts of the wallpaper and papered them over the wallpaper for accents....and we did have to soak those little cut-outs with warm soapy water and scrapped them off with a metal hamburger flipper....nice!

Stay tuned for more to come...

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