Friday, November 20, 2009

Renovation Day 4...

Is beginning to wear on me. Having the entire house in a shambles and 4 people trying to maneuver around all the junk is a challenge. I am trying to keep my chin up and my eye on the goal as we will have a house-full on Thanksgiving week....wait this already is a house-full?????

Today we again had to take a trip to Lowe's, so we decided to skip breakfast and head out during lunch to get our supplies. To my surprise Jerry drove to one of my favorite lunch spots "The Salty Dog", which is right on Sarasota Bay and for the first time this trip I actually saw the OCEAN!

After we saw just a glimpse of what the beach life was like...we went on to Lowe's and back to the house for the day.

Today was full of painting and hanging the rest of the kitchen & dining room wall boards. And we are almost finished....

Between the coats of paint drying I did manage to start a small project in a tiny part in the back of the hall that was a wasted stay tuned for that later.

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  1. hoo--I'm so jealous that you are near the ocean! The place is going to be great. You guys work really hard! Try to have some fun. Wish I was there!