Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Renovation Day 10...

When I said plumbing could be slow....I mean slow. How about over a 24 hour period going to Lowes, 9 times for fittings that didn't even cost $12.00! When you do it yourself...you do save on labor...but not time, sometimes there isn't a time savings.
We painted more trim boards and the day ended with the upper cabinets being hung along with the exhaust range hood. The dishwasher installed and working and the kitchen sink & garbage disposal working.

We cleaned out the cabinets and started unpacking our boxes of food and pots and pans into our new cabinets.

We cleaned up the front porch and took some more items to the dumpsters to get our yard cleaned out....we were starting to look like the Beverly Hillbilly's!

We don't have our kitchen completed yet...but I do think we have enough space in the kitchen for the coffee pot to actually set on the counter tonight and we can actually fill it with water out of the kitchen sink....ahhhhh progress!

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