Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Renovation Day 9...

Today we finished the cabana room and boy what a transformation. Now we are putting together the finishing touches and trying to decide the final layout of the furniture. You will have to stay tuned for the photos later...as it is full of stuff right now from the dining room....but trust me it is an improvement!

We scored this super piece of furniture from our community fire department yard sale for only $15.00, gave it a quick paint job and it will now house the flat screen TV, books, VCR tapes, DVD's, games and much much more! It is a great piece of real wood furniture...what a bargain! It doesn't look like much here but we cleaned it up, gave it a quick coat of white paint and re-painted the pulls...and it will be perfect for our cabana room. It's original use was a bedroom dresser. We allowed the neighborhood fire department to keep the mirror for it's next garage sale and they delivered the piece right to our shack on the back of their golf cart trailer and the men carried in and put it right in place for us....wow what service. I think the men were a little confused why a bedroom dresser was going in our tv room...but I wouldn't expect them to understand me or my motives :-)

We bought a curtain rod from Lowes on clearance to cover this long bank of windows...we opted this time to replace the HORRID 1980's Grandma GONE BAD PINK MINI-BLINDS with the same style for a cost cutting budget measure. These are much less expensive than the faux wood 2" style and for now it serves the purpose. To finish off the windows on the long wall we went with yet another budget conscious decision of canvas painters drop cloths on cafe style clips. Drapes are so expensive and I have used these before and love the effect...so for $4.98 per panel, we have instant no sew drapes! They add the look of sand to our room!

The sofa, was purchased back home at a local auction. It is a great almost new sofa queen size sleeper that was never used. We bought this $1,000.00 sofa for only $425.00 and it will be great for extra guest at the shack! The two icy blue wing back recliners we purchased also back home at a antique shop....just $32.50 each!

The wall colors were from Lowes, the blue color is called Porch Swing, it could be one of my new favs....and the tan color is brought in from the dining area Coffee n Cream.

Stay tuned for more of the finished room later!
By the way, did I mention plumbing work could be slow...

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