Friday, November 27, 2009

Renovation Day 12...

The hardwood was brought inside the shack to acclimate to the interior temp. The kitchen lights were hung and more trim was painted, cut & hung. Trim paint and touch ups were being done all through the shack.

Little things are starting to come together. Tonight around dinner time my Mom & Dad will be here and work will stop probably for a few days...We are going to try and spend a non-traditional Thanksgiving day on the we are crossing our fingers that the weather holds out!

It is really starting to shape up....and everyone is oh so pleased about that!

The hardwood will probably take 3-4 days to complete as it is somewhat slow work...but when it is completed it will be FANTASTIC. It is a maple hardwood 3/4" (the real thing) with a medium brown stain....not to light and not to dark. It is 4" wide and I just can hardly wait until it is completed......YEAH! A lot of people down here use the laminate....but we were able to purchase the real thing in 2nd's and it was only $1.99 per sq ft....which was really cheaper than the fake stuff!

The construction is starting to wear on all 4 of us and sometimes tension gets high...but we are trying to hang in there and plug along. I am so looking forward to starting the accessorizing...we have closets full of pictures, signs, dishes, and all the fun as we approach the final stages I am keeping that in the back of my mind.

The money hemorrhaging is slowing that is always a good thing!

Stay tuned!

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